Sandblast Heavy Equipment in Miami

Extend the life of your equipment by sandblasting and repainting!

Located in Miami, Ravelo Professional Sandblasting & Painting Inc. protects your machinery from surface contaminants such as corrosion and mill scale.

The Strongest Tools for Sandblasting Heavy Equipment

Heavy equipments is expensive and requires appropriate care to stay in good working order. The team at Ravelo Professional Sandblasting & Painting Inc. uses powerful blasters and media to remove even the toughest of coats with ease so that your machinery runs efficiently.

Drawing on 18 years of experience, we offer the best and most effective sandblasting solutions in the region. For a paint-ready surface in record time, call us!

Paint-ready surfaces in record time

Sandblast Heavy Equipment Miami

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Sandblast Heavy Equipment Hialeah

Efficient Blasting for Any Type of Equipment

When the paint on the surface of machinery cracks, contaminants like rust, debris, and oils can easily settle in. At Ravelo Professional Sandblasting & Painting Inc., we have developed a cleaning system that can remove coatings and strip paint so you don’t have to replace any equipment.

Combining cutting-edge technology with our team's expertise, we even clean surfaces that seem inaccessible. We also specialize in sandblasting for truck chassis!

We remove coatings and strip paint from any surface

Media Used for Sandblasting

Coal slag
Steel grit
Aluminum oxide
Glass beads

Entrust Ravelo Professional Sandblasting & Painting Inc. with any sandblasting project. We operate across Miami, Hialeah, Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach.

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